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All Things Bold in the 2023 Kitchen Cabinet Trends Forecast

Womack Custom Homes takes pride in providing clients with beautiful, stylish homes that satisfy their needs and aesthetics. With the new year just around the corner, there is no better time to give your kitchen a revival – starting with the cabinets!

Our team has curated a list of 2023’s top kitchen cabinet trends to help determine the ideal design plan for your custom new build, renovation or revival!

Natural Woods

Bring the element of nature into your space with wood cabinetry! With various designs, styles and wood types to choose from, natural wood cabinets are all the rage going into the new year.

Natural wood cabinets are versatile and provide flexibility for homeowners when deciding on the surrounding finishes in the kitchen. When using wood materials for your cabinetry, it is best to embrace the natural grain and tones instead of using heavy stains and glossy varnishes. Keep your space trendy throughout the year by mixing natural wood with exciting shades and fun patterns.

2023 Color Trends Exhibited in Interior KitchenBlue and Green Hues

For a refreshing update, give your cabinetry a paint job using shades of blue or green! These unexpected hues provide a desirable contrast within the space while adding an exciting interest.

Displaying a timeless and elegant feel, homeowners use deeper green and blue shades to keep kitchens current without being overly trendy. The perfect hue to bring your cabinetry to life is the PPG Paints 2023 Color of the Year – Vining Ivy! This gorgeous shade reflects calming waters and relaxing days spent on the beach. To learn more about the PPG Paints choice and more, check out our 2023 Color Trends blog.

Sustainability is Key

Make your home a healthy space for your family and visitors by using sustainable materials for your cabinetry revival! Sustainable cabinets constructed with reclaimed or recycled materials are eco-friendly and non-toxic. Elements such as Lyptus and Bamboo are repurposed woods that are naturally sustainable and formaldehyde-free.

Mix Materials

Add character to your kitchen by mixing cabinetry materials, finishes and hardware! With an endless number of possibilities, mixing materials adds a fun, unexpected twist and a sense of personality to your space.

Step outside of your comfort zone and enjoy the excitement of mixing textures, stains, color shades and more. From mixing wood and paints to metal and patterns, when it comes to mixing materials, you can be as creative as you want!

Ready to transform your cabinetry and revive your kitchen space? The Womack Custom Homes team is ready to partner with you to make your dreams a reality! Speak directly with our team by calling 678-776-6872, or visit the contact page to get started online today!