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2024 Colors of the Year Forecast: Serene & Brilliant

bathroom with two vanities with wooden cabinetry, two mirrors and sconce lighting. 2024 colors of the year

As we gear up for an exciting new year filled with construction projects, the Womack Custom Homes team eagerly dives into the captivating 2024 Color of the Year selections from top-tier paint brands. These carefully chosen hues go beyond mere pigments on a wall; they present a unique opportunity to craft homes that emanate tranquility, sophistication and individuality.

kitchen with green cabinetry, large kitchen island with wood chairs and pendant lighting. 2024 colors of the yearDutch Boy: Ironside

Imagine Ironside from Dutch Boy gracing your living room walls, infusing the space with a comforting green that exudes opulence. This rich tone serves as a perfect backdrop for natural elements like wooden furniture or earthy decor, creating a balanced and relaxing atmosphere. Consider pairing Ironside with warm, muted tones to blend style and comfort seamlessly, making it an ideal selection for the new year.

Sherwin-Williams: Upward

The Sherwin-Williams 2024 choice, Upward is a serene blue that provides a flexible canvas, allowing for creative design touches. Its light and airy quality promotes relaxation, making it excellent for creating a haven for unwinding and contemplation. Harmonizing effortlessly with the Sherwin-Williams 2024 Trends palette, Upward sets the stage for personalized design, making it a perfect option for the upcoming year.

renovated double vanity with blue cabinetry, white countertop, large mirror and makeup station. 2024 colors of the year.Valspar: Renew Blue

Announced as the Valspar 2024 color of the year, Renew Blue is a calming infusion of green and blue, ideal for residential spaces. This easygoing hue complements mid-toned neutrals, fostering simplicity and serenity. Director of Color Marketing Sue Kim shared, “The concept of home is evolving to include a feeling as well as a physical place.”

Glidden: Limitless

The 2024 Glidden pick, Limitless, is a soothing mixture set to act as a backdrop for beautiful moments! This fresh neutral with a gentle yellow undertone harmonizes effortlessly with warm and cool tones. Paired with natural hues, Limitless promises to elevate living spaces, providing a dynamic backdrop for every home’s unique character and making it a versatile choice for the year ahead.

owner's suite bedroom with mauve walls and wooden flooringBehr: Cracked Pepper

A soft black hue, Cracked Pepper from Behr is an adaptable hue, accentuating spaces where cherished memories unfold. When combined with complementary colors from Behr’s 2024 Color Trends palette, Cracked Pepper establishes a grounded environment in every custom-built home, creating a timeless and sophisticated look that will stand the test of time.

HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams: Persimmon

HGTV by Sherwin-Williams announced Persimmon as its 2024 frontrunner! This earthy terracotta softens areas, creating an atmosphere of rejuvenation. As part of the Renewed Comfort Collection, Persimmon seamlessly blends with various complementary colors, unlocking endless possibilities in custom home design. Its inviting tones make it an excellent choice for infusing a sense of coziness into your space.

Minwax: Bay Blue

Transform your space into a tranquil oasis reminiscent of calming waters with Bay Blue from Minwax. This soothing blend of blue and green is an excellent paint swatch for projects of any complexity, injecting balance and ease into living spaces. Bay Blue’s simplicity and vibrancy make it the perfect pop of color for every room, fostering a cohesive and inviting atmosphere that aligns perfectly with the modern homebuyer’s desire for authenticity and personalization.

Benjamin Moore: Blue Nova

Blue Nova, a blue-purple selection from Benjamin Moore, embodies elevation and flexibility. This vibrant hue invites you to explore endless creative possibilities, blending seamlessly with other color selections. The Benjamin Moore 2024 Color Trends Palette features a stunning selection of shades, including Hazy Lilac, Antique Pewter, Pristine and Teacup Rose, providing a diverse range of exquisite choices.

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