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Bring the Outside in with a Mudroom Addition

Womack Custom Homes believes in delivering stylish homes that meet a client’s needs and tastes. Over the past few years, the mudroom has become a must-have addition to any new home construction, renovation project or add-on. The small, versatile addition is an easy expansion for any existing or new construction home.

Our team works closely with clients to determine the perfect design and plan, considering current color trends, style choices and layouts that directly reflect the modern buyer.

Womack Custom Homes Mudroom
Designed by Anna Louise Wolfe

Minimize the Mess

One of the main reasons homeowners are falling in love with this trendy addition is it provides a much-needed barrier between the indoors and outdoors. A dedicated space to remove all outdoor layers, shoes, equipment and more, homeowners are free to enter the home without tracking in dirt from the outside! Mudrooms also provide a place to wipe down Fido before letting them loose in the house.

Having a dedicated space to store all outdoor elements makes it easier to keep your home clean and tidy just in time for the holiday season. Homeowners can breathe easy knowing their pristine carpet and shiny wooden floors are safe from the outside elements.

Organization is Key

Mudroom additions also encourage organization within the home by providing extra storage. Gone are the messy piles scattered throughout the house and crowded coat closets. Now homeowners can breathe a sigh of relief!

On top of providing a spot to store all outdoor equipment, most mudrooms also come equipped with hanging hooks, perfect for bags and coats. Busy mornings are no longer a hassle for each family member as they head out the door to take on the day. It’s no wonder that these multifunctional additions are creeping to the top of many homebuyer wish lists.

Design to Your Taste

Just like any stylish home addition, mudrooms can be designed to fit any home palette or theme! The Womack Custom Homes team is excited to construct your ideal mudroom, whether you love contemporary colors and wooden elements or a modern palette with dark colors.

Trendy mudroom designs often include wooden paneling, crisp white features, hanging hooks, under-the-bench storage cubbies and more.

Womack Custom Home Mudroom Addition
Designed by Kelly Harrison Interiors

More Value

Another great reason to consider adding a mudroom renovation or construction project is it increases your home’s value! As mudrooms continue to grow in popularity, mudrooms make homes more attractive on the buying and selling market. Whether or not you’re ready to sell your home, increasing your home’s value is a great way to boost capital and your financial portfolio.

Save on Energy

Depending on the design of your mudroom, you can also reduce your energy bill! Enclosed mudrooms not only increase the separation between the home and the outdoor elements but can keep your home’s heat and air conditioning from escaping while you’re busy unloading the car, shedding seasonal layers or storing outdoor equipment.

Interested in incorporating a mudroom into your next custom home renovation or construction project? The Womack Custom Homes team is ready to partner with you to make that dream a reality. Call 678-776-6872 to speak directly with our team, or visit the contact page to get started online today.