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Employee Spotlight: Matt Womack

Headshot of Matt Womack

Have you ever dreamt of building your dream home but felt intimidated by the process? At Womack Custom Homes, we understand. That’s why Matt Womack, our Partner and COO/CFO, is there every step of the way to ensure a smooth and successful journey for our clients.

Womack’s background sets him apart from your typical builder. Though practically raised in the industry, his initial career path took a surprising turn. A finance graduate from the University of Georgia, he honed his business acumen working for prominent Atlanta homebuilders. There, he gained invaluable knowledge overseeing various aspects of the building process, from contracts and permits to drawings and the construction process. These experiences became the forming blocks for his current well-rounded role at Womack Custom Homes.

Today, Womack is the mastermind behind the company’s business development. He searches for potential projects, assembles contracts and budgets and obtains permits – all the essential groundwork to get your dream home off the ground. But his dedication goes far beyond paperwork. As Womack Custom Homes thrives, Womack also finds himself actively involved in managing construction jobs. He plays a vital role in the development of City Overlook, a new neighborhood development attracting significant investor interest.

“The most gratifying part of the job is seeing your vision come to life,” says Matt.

photo of Stephen and Matt Womack with Isaiah RoachWhether it’s a custom home, a remodel or a large-scale development like City Overlook, witnessing the culmination of extensive planning and effort into a tangible space brings him immense satisfaction. Womack also acknowledges the inherent challenges of the construction industry.

“It’s an adventure every day,” he explains. “It’s not if, but when problems. You have to roll with the punches on a custom job, especially with remodels. You can tear into something and find more work. We strive to be successful at communicating and being transparent with the customer.”

His understanding allows him to anticipate and address potential issues, ensuring a smooth, stress-free client experience.

When Womack isn’t busy building exceptional homes and communities, he prioritizes family time. Together with his wife, Caroline and their two daughters, Emily and Olivia, they create lasting memories. Whether coaching their athletic endeavors or exploring new destinations, Womack cherishes these moments. He also enjoys golfing, a perfect outlet for unwinding after a demanding day.

But there’s more to Womack than meets the eye. Along with his partner and brother Stephen, he co-owns a real estate investment company. Their entrepreneurial spirit is evident in their recent acquisition of a property near their office. The duo plans to restore two dilapidated buildings on the site and lease them to businesses, further expanding their reach within the community.

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