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Remodel Your Basement with Womack Custom Homes

At Womack Custom Homes, we take pride in creating beautiful spaces that add joy and functionality to your family’s home. From building custom homes to remodeling existing spaces, our team is dedicated to providing our clients with personalized projects that exceed all expectations.

Some of our favorite types of projects to tackle are basement remodels! Whether you want an additional guest suite, at-home gym or entertainment space, the possibilities are endless when designing the ultimate finished basement in Cartersville.

Our team has created a list of exciting basement renovation ideas to help determine the perfect design plan for your basement revival!

Womack Custom Homes Finished BasementBasement Gym

Paying for a monthly gym membership is a thing of the past! Turn your dull basement into an iron oasis by designing the ideal at-home gym.

Convenient and private, at-home gyms are perfect for individuals who want to prioritize their physical health but don’t enjoy commercial gym settings. Choosing to remodel your basement into an at-home gym allows homeowners to fully customize the space to revolve around their specific wants and needs by incorporating certain equipment and motivational design elements.

Wine Cellar with Wet Bar

Ideal for wine collectors and connoisseurs, flipping your basement into a stunning wine cellar with a wet bar adds a sense of elevation to your home. This luxurious choice allows wine lovers to display their collection, while the wet bar provides a space for guests to taste-test and enjoy the homeowner’s favorite selections.

Adding wooden or lattice-style shelving allows homeowners to store bottles for every occasion, and extensive counter space at the wet bar provides ample space for bar tools, glassware and beverages.

Womack Custom Home Finished BasementBasement Guest Suites

Allow overnight guests to feel comfortable and welcome within your home by renovating your basement into the ultimate guest retreat!

Create a space that provides out-of-town guests the luxury of staying with family while feeling a sense of independence by featuring a small bedroom, kitchenette and living area. Add charming design elements, such as an electric fireplace, ambient lighting or warm-toned colors, to create the coziest space for guests. You can even opt for a separate exterior door that leads to the basement to allow guests to come and go as they please without disturbing the rest of the home.

Multipurpose Family Living

Need help deciding which design option to choose? Opt for a multipurpose living space that boasts features everyone in the family will love!

With an open-concept basement, homeowners can get creative with the design process! Imagine a large gathering area featuring a wet bar and ample seating, or picture an office space with built-in elements to entertain kids that’s ideal for remote-working parents. Add functionality and value to your home with a multipurpose family space!

Ready to revive your Cartersville basement? The team at Womack Custom Homes is ready to partner with you to make your dreams a reality! Call 678-776-6872 to speak directly with a team member, or visit the contact page to get started online today!