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Embrace Today’s Hottest Exterior Home Design Trends

When it comes to the exterior design of your home, staying current with the latest trends can significantly enhance its curb appeal and overall value. From modern elements to timeless classics, Womack Custom Homes is here to help you transform your house into a stunning masterpiece. In this blog, we explore today’s hottest exterior home design trends, ensuring that your home stands out in the neighborhood.

Expansive Outdoor Living

Expanding your living space beyond the walls of your home has become increasingly popular. Creating inviting outdoor living spaces, such as wraparound porches, verandas, covered patios, pergolas or decks, allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature while providing additional areas for relaxation and entertainment. These spacious outdoor areas offer the perfect setting for unwinding, socializing and appreciating the surrounding scenery. Our team specializes in seamlessly integrating these outdoor spaces into your home’s design, ensuring a harmonious transition between indoor and outdoor living. Whether you desire a cozy porch for morning coffee or a versatile patio for hosting gatherings, our team will work closely with you to craft an outdoor living space that reflects your lifestyle and enhances your enjoyment of the great outdoors.

Mixed Materials and Textures

Combining different materials and textures can add depth and visual interest to your home’s exterior. Mixing brick, stone, stucco or metal materials can create a unique and captivating design. Womack Custom Homes has the expertise to skillfully blend these materials, resulting in a visually stunning façade that reflects your personal style.

Colorful Facades

Across various regions, it’s common to see homes adorned with vibrant and cheerful colors. From pastel shades to bold hues, colorful exteriors bring a sense of liveliness to any design style. Whether you prefer a Southern-inspired look or a different aesthetic, our team will connect you with talented local designers to assist to create a visually stunning and captivating outward appearance that reflects your unique taste.

Natural and Sustainable Materials

Embracing eco-friendly practices and materials has become essential to contemporary exterior home design. Incorporating natural elements such as stone, wood or even reclaimed materials adds warmth and authenticity to the overall look.

Lush Landscaping and Courtyards

Incorporating lush landscaping and charming courtyards into your home’s exterior design is another popular trend in the Southern region. Meticulously manicured gardens, ornamental shrubs and flowering plants can enhance the beauty of your home and create a welcoming ambiance. Collaborate with landscape architects to design and execute a landscape plan that complements your home’s architecture and showcases the natural beauty of the Southern surroundings.

Visit our News page and Project Gallery for more home design inspiration and witness the exceptional craftsmanship that our team brings to each project. Contact the Womack Custom Homes team today at 678-776-6872 or online to help transform your house into a true masterpiece.