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Unlock a Breezy Life with One-Level Living

Womack Custom Homes specializes in delivering homes that perfectly suit buyers’ needs regardless of layout or style. A favored choice amongst active adults, seniors and families, single-level homes have grown in popularity significantly over the past few years. One-level homes unlock added flexibility and design opportunity throughout the home, as well as increased safety and cleanliness benefits.

Expanded Living Space

Traditionally, single-level homes include an ample amount of square footage to accommodate open floor plan designs without building vertically, resulting a larger footprint on the land. This allows for additional outdoor living opportunities, which further expands the amount of living space available in the home. From integrating spacious screened-in patios, sparkling outdoor pools, rocking chair porches and more, one-level homes and outdoor living are a match made in heaven!

Decreased Utilities

Custom building a single-level home is also a fantastic way to decrease your monthly spending! Thanks to the open flow between areas and reduced square footage, it is traditionally cheaper and more energy efficient to heat and cool one-level residences.

Custom Fire Tower Road Dining AreaSafety First

Ideal for active adults, seniors, children and pets, an obvious benefit of single-level living is the absence of stairs! Multiple levels often pose a challenge for residents and furry friends learning or struggling to navigate stairs. Without navigating numerous stories and sharp corners, residents enjoy the reduced risk of accidents and emergencies. Flexible one-level floor plans promote easy flow throughout the residence thanks to the introduction of wider hallways, easy-turn corners and open spaces.

Easy Maintenance

On top of lowered maintenance bills, one-level homes are easy to clean and maintain! In the absence of multiple levels and hard-to-reach nooks, homeowners can easily flow from room to room during designated cleaning times. Gone are the days of hauling cleaning supplies from floor to floor. Now, homeowners can spend less time cleaning their homes and more time enjoying the many benefits of their Womack custom home.

More Design Opportunities

Condensing a home onto a single level unlocks a new world of design opportunities! Custom homebuyers can freely incorporate elements such as soaring ceilings, tall windows and more into their one-level plan. This home style also unlocks several unique home layouts and offers homeowners the ability to easily add-on to their homes as the decades pass.

The sky is the only limit when imagining and bringing your custom single-level home to life. Visit our Project Gallery to find one-level living inspiration for your custom dream home! Partner with the Womack Custom Homes team via phone at 678-776-6872 or online today to get started.