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Womack Custom Homes Names Top Outdoor Living Features

Womack Custom Homes Names Top Outdoor Living FeaturesThoughtful outdoor living spaces have become more essential in the past year and they have only become greater and better. Many homeowners appreciate the extra outdoor space for many reasons including entertaining and daily personal use.

Living in Georgia, homeowners can enjoy their outdoor living spaces year-round, depending on the type of space. The Womack Custom Homes team gathered the top outdoor living elements clients add to their homes or include in their design-build plans.

Wet Bars + Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens and/or wet bars are the top feature that homeowners want in their outdoor living space. Research shows that 61% of homeowners consider outdoor kitchens as the most preferred add-on to outdoor living spaces. Outdoor kitchens provide the best gathering area for entertaining family and friends while still being able to prepare food. Including a wet bar in the area offers the convenience of never missing the fun.

Womack Custom Homes Names Top Outdoor Living FeaturesBuilt-In Entertainment

Extend indoor entertaining to the outside by hanging a TV with the perfect backdrop being the outdoor kitchen and wet bar. Incorporate surround sound and it brings together the picture-perfect game day experience.

Womack Custom Homes Names Top Outdoor Living FeaturesFire Away

A common addition to the outdoor living space is incorporating some type of fire element. Whether it’s gas or wood-burning, outdoor fireplaces, fire tables and fire pits are perfect for making s’mores or for simply staying cozy on chilly evenings.

Womack Custom Homes Names Top Outdoor Living FeaturesYear-Round Usability: Got You Covered

Living in the South, it is not unusual for a rain shower to pop up or for temperatures to stick around 80 degrees. A covered patio is a great way to provide shade on those hot, humid days or to keep dry when it begins to rain.

Womack Custom Homes Names Top Outdoor Living FeaturesFan of a Breeze

Including an outdoor fan is a crucial addition for the hot summer days. Be sure to choose a fan created for the outdoors that has long, skinny blades so it draws in more air and pushes it down to create the perfect breeze.

Womack Custom Homes Names Top Outdoor Living FeaturesPool + Carriage Houses

A true extension to the home is including a pool or carriage house. They provide ample storage and offer the perfect retreat for all guests to recover from the day or to change before enjoying the pool. Most feature low-maintenance materials, such as slip-resistant floors featuring ceramic tile or marble.

Womack Custom Homes Names Top Outdoor Living FeaturesThe More [Seating] the Merrier!

It’s essential to include a distinguished place for guests to mingle and to spend their time. Including seating around a fire pit ensures it will be a great hang-out location. It can also be used as a great place to get comfortable with a good book when the weather is nice. Always consider outdoor furniture that is meant to withstand the many elements that occur in Georgia.

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