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Womack Custom Homes Provides Unparalleled Construction Services in Cartersville, GA

Historic Renovation

As a fourth-generation home builder, Womack Custom Homes prides itself on authentic craftsmanship with a true love of historic structures. In fact, both Matt and Stephen Womack live in historic homes near downtown Cartersville. The Womack team combines updated techniques with new and improved materials to modernize historic homes and buildings while maintaining their most unique features and preserving the nostalgia of the past.

Design | Build

From start to finish, Womack Custom Homes can draw and design a custom home plan or remodel to fit your specific needs and match your vision. We work closely with the best local architects and engineers to come up with creative solutions to build dream homes within set budgets and timeframes. Whether it be the remodel of an existing space or adding a totally new structure, our goal is to create the best possible space for your family.

Custom New Build

You have the perfect homesite – now what? Let Womack Custom Homes turn your dream home into a reality. Create a sanctuary, that reflects the way you live today. We can help build that “place of peace” to call home and inspire you to achieve greatness in the world and then welcome you back for relaxation.

Remodels & Additions

Remodeling or adding onto a home can be difficult for many reasons but mainly because the homes are typically occupied or a home your family is desperately trying to move into. Budget and timeframe are top-of-mind at Womack Custom Homes, and we will use our experience to update and create the desired space with as little stress as possible.

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